Your “I help” marketing statements aren’t helping anyone — and here’s why.

Is it time to REVOLUTIONIZE your messaging and marketing?

So many coaches, consultants, and experts have been trained to lead with an “I help” statement.

In my opinion (as a marketing expert who runs a successful business growth consultancy business), this single “I help” statement you continue to use is missing the bullseye on your messaging target.


1 — Because you need to position your offer as the THING that helps your ideal client, not you.

2 — Because the majority of “I help” statements are written from your point of view as a coach, consultant, or expert who is stating the solution before ever recognizing the REAL problem.

3 — And because of #2, you are trying to sell them on what they need, not what they want.

We have all heard this: “Sell them what they want, deliver what they need.”

There’s a reason for this — and brilliant marketers understand this — and it’s what I want to help you MASTER in our upcoming Magnetic Messaging Workshop.

Let’s look at an example:

The norm that is taught to you: “I help stressed moms make dinnertime an ease for picky eaters.”

Problems with this:

1. The first problem with this is you are assuming and assigning a feeling that may or may not be true. What if the mom doesn’t feel stressed about this? Or what if the mom knows that the majority of her stress is coming from other things — and the dinner time isn’t the most stressful? What if the mom doesn’t want to believe she is stressed or believes she is not stressed or has a belief that stressed moms are the norm, or not the norm?

Basically, when you assign a FEELING in your “I help” statement you are doing way more damage than good in your marketing.

(I know, I know — you’ve been taught “people buy with emotion” and while that is true, you can’t TELL THEM HOW THEY ARE FEELING. It’s rude and assuming.)

2. The second problem with this “I help” statement is you are not even addressing what the mom WANTS. All moms you are trying to reach actually want ONE thing. And it’s NOT “dinner to be easy for picky eaters”. What’s under that? What is the driving THING all moms actually want for their kids?


3. The third problem with this “I help” statement is it doesn’t position your methodology or your expertise as the solution to their problem.

None of these points were addressed in the “I help” statement you’ve been instructed to write probably a billion times by now.

And this is why “I help” statements aren’t helping anyone at all!

The psychology of your messaging is a REAL thing — and the sooner you learn how to identify and articulate…

1 — The true emotional drivers of your ideal clients (rather than the invented/made up “feelings” you put into your marketing copy)…


2 — The ONE RESULT your ideal client actually wants (rather than what you think they want)…


3- The method/process that will create that result (rather than positioning you as the solution)…

…the faster your messaging and marketing is going to hit the bullseye and convert like crazy. ❤

The Magnetic Messaging Workshop puts the tools to transform your messaging into your hands with 3 in-depth messaging clinics over the course of a week.

This workshop is for coaches, consultants, and experts if you want to create messaging that hits the marketing bullseye, not the outer rings on the target.

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M. Shannon Hernandez | Email Marketing Strategist

Fractional CMO | Business Growth Consultant | Email Marketing Strategist | Author & Keynote Speaker | Founder & Angel Investor