Why pulling “revenue goals” out of thin air is hurting your coaching, consulting, and expert business growth

What will your future really cost you?

I’m going to go on a little marketing rant here.

So, before we begin:

a) If you want more money clarity in your biz and to be deeply connected to the WHY of that revenue goal, please keep reading for a fresh perspective on things.

b) If you do not want clarity around connecting your revenue to your lifestyle values and mission, keep scrolling. This post is not for you.

Most peeps don’t know how much money their lifestyle is costing them. So, what do they do?

They pull a monthly biz revenue goal out of the thin air and decide THAT is the number they need/want to be making in their biz.

I used to do this too — until I understood that everything I want to HAVE, BE, and DO has a cost associated with it.

That’s not a bad thing, it’s called life. It’s how our world operates.

Take this example: You want a new car? or to save for your kids’ college? or to go to the spa each month? or to buy organic food? or to hire a personal trainer, attend that art class, or travel the world?

All of this has a COST.

So, when peeps tell me, “I’m not motivated by money.” I call bullshit.

- in such a loving way.

I’m not either — but I KNOW that the things and experiences I want to BE and DO and HAVE cost money.

So, one of the biggest problems I’m seeing right now is biz owners continuing to follow OTHER PEOPLE’S funnels and outlines — yet those do not match their own desired lifestyle at all.

How can you remedy this?

  1. First, make a list of what you want your life to look like in a year from now. New home? New car? Travel once per quarter? Birthday trip? Disney trip for the family? Updated kitchen and bath? Watching the sunset each night? I don’t care what goes on the list, just make the list.

2. Second, put a number next each item on the list. Sunsets — cost nothing (but time)- yay! New house payment — assign it a number. Saving for kids’ college — give it a number. Going out to eat once per week — give it a number.

3. Third, add the numbers up.

THEN create YOUR unique biz plan from THIS information.

I took a client through this a couple of weeks ago. Her original goal was to make $50k/month — she had no basis for this number except it “felt good.”

So, when we did her budget and lifestyle list (above), and added in lots of padding for spending money and saving $2k a month, guess what?

She got to live her full lifestyle out — the lifestyle of her dreams — at 14k per month!


We then tweaked her biz plan around THAT number.

If your monthly revenue goal is arbitrary, and if you are getting up every morning without purpose behind the income, it’s gonna be really, really hard to meet your goals — or even have a desire to work towards them.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting things and experiences and wanting money, or being motivated by it, btw.


Get clarity.

Self-examine what it is you really want your life to look like.

THEN, let’s market and sell from THAT space.

Please stop using other people’s formulas for your goals, dreams, and revenue. It’s not gonna work!

This is JoyFueled Business Growth and Marketing.

This is purpose-driven biz growth.

This is numbers meet dreams meet success and fulfillment.

I’ll be deep diving into this process and helping you discover this at our virtual January Event: Inspired Beyond Belief.

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We hope to see you there! ❤



M. Shannon Hernandez | Email Marketing Strategist

Fractional CMO | Business Growth Consultant | Email Marketing Strategist | Author & Keynote Speaker | Founder & Angel Investor