Why hiring a business coach/consultant sometimes breaks what’s already working

There’s a reason our signature EXPAND™ Method moves with fluidity between the six parts and is not ordered sequentially in one direction. They’re not numbered, and you don’t necessarily need to work through them linearly. You may very well have two or three of these areas dialed in and working well.

What if you didn’t need to touch those areas but needed to focus on another area — and when you did, it positively impacted the ones that were already working? That’s the magic of The EXPAND™ Method.

And yet, this is often not what happens when service-based business owners step into the expansion phase of their business. They start tweaking too many things at once, and the results are devastating:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Partnering with the wrong team
  • Changing a business model that was working perfectly well

When you partner with someone like me — a business growth strategist and consultant who truly understands what is needed to EXPAND your business — we may only dive into a few areas, but everything we do has a ripple effect that will positively impact all aspects of your business.

Sadly, this is not the approach most business coaches take when you partner with them for help.

Instead of actually taking the time to understand what is working well and what needs improvement based on where you want to grow, most coaches have a watered-down approach with a focus on only one or two areas. So, you waste time and money often solving “problems” that weren’t the problem to begin with. It’s devastating to your business, your confidence, and your momentum.

In this brand, we are committed to figuring out what is already working in your business and what areas need more attention and focus. We’ve created a Business Expansion Scorecard specifically for just this purpose. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll have a concrete snapshot of what is happening in your business at this very moment — and where you and I can work together to improve things that aren’t flowing as well as you’d like (you can take it yourself here).

Last year we worked with Joan Van De Griek in The Joy Fueled™ Program. Her full testimonial is below, but I wanted to highlight a couple of things here:

  • We worked on her business structure so she could accept more clients but in a different, more aligned, and joyful way. This resulted in a revenue increase of 170%.
  • Joan and I also got a specialized, aligned team in place with proper onboarding processes. This resulted in more time off than she has ever had before AND less stress as her business continues to grow.

Do you see how focusing on just two areas completely transformed everything for Joan last year? And this year? She posted an update a few days ago that made me smile from ear to ear:

“This girl is on track to quadruple my last 12 month income in the first 6 months of this year!”

When all the pieces of The Expand™ Method are working efficiently, you WILL experience more joy, more revenue, and more time off. And that, my fellow Visionary Leader & CEO, is worth celebrating!

Joan’s full testimonial:

“In the past 12 months, with Shannon’s help in The Joy Fueled Program, I’ve increased my revenue by 170%. I am way more calm because I have so much more clarity and direction. I have such a willingness for this business to grow even more — now that I know it doesn’t have to be a beast and own me. Working with Shannon on the business structure and having her help with team onboarding was invaluable. We also spent much-needed time getting clarity on the messaging (for the insurance side) which increased the leads and quality of leads. Above all, we learned we can grow without the stress! This is huge!”

~ Joan Van De Griek , The Wealth Bulldog



M. Shannon Hernandez | Joyful Marketing Strategist

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