Using The Trust Triad in Your Email Marketing for Increased Revenue and Sales

I did some reflecting this past weekend on my biz and life. Ever do that? Sit and think about how far you have come?

In March of 2012, I made a decision that would forever change the face of my business. I decided to go all in on growing my email community.

I’m thankful for my business coach in that first year, Anastacia Brice, who encouraged me to put my ALL into growing my email list and making it the priority for my business.

12 years later, as I look back on this single decision, it has by far been one of the best I have made as business owner:

Over 90% of our annual revenue comes from email communication.

We have never had to use ads, sponsorships, or affiliates for list growth.

My business is highly-sustainable — with email marketing as the strong foundation.

Of course, like all things in life and business, we learn and grow as we evolve.

The most important thing when you are trying something new?

Just start. Take that first step. And be committed to doing it even if it feels hard, murky, or imperfect.

Along my own email marketing journey, I’ve learned this and would like to share it with you:

People make an investment based on the amount of trust they have.

This is why we teach THE TRUST TRIAD — as a framework to make your email marketing even more effective.

Each “leg” of the trust triad has a PURPOSE — and these three areas of trust should be present in all emails you send.

The Trust Triad for Email Marketing Success

Is your email communication helping them:

  1. Build trust in YOU, the coach, consultant, service-based business owner?

2. Build trust in your PROCESS?

3. Build trust in THEMSELVES as a buyer?

Here are a few questions to ask before you publish your next email:

How does this content help the reader build more trust in me, as a business owner/service provider?

How does this content help the reader trust themselves more, in the decision-making process?

How does this content help the reader understand the process I use to get them the desired results?

I will be teaching The Trust Triad live next week in our Joyful Email Marketing Workshop.

Would you like to learn more about the power of an email marketing strategy and how to customize it for your company?

If so, I’ll see you there!




M. Shannon Hernandez | Email Marketing Strategist

Fractional CMO | Business Growth Consultant | Email Marketing Strategist | Author & Keynote Speaker | Founder & Angel Investor