How to Scale Your Services Without Sacrificing Client Results or Adding More Hours to Your Workday

For too long, the online marketers and other “experts” have been preaching that the key to building a sustainable, scalable business is to do one of two things:

-To go ‘leveraged’ and stop delivering your highly transformative 1:1 work. To sacrifice the ability to see each client deeply, individually, humanly — in order to be able to work with more than one person at a time, and thus multiply your capacity to bring on more clients

-To go ‘high-ticket’ and raise your fees to a level where you only need a handful of clients to reach your personal income goals. To sacrifice the ability to directly impact more people — in order to be able to focus deeply, individually, humanly on the single person right in front of you

If you’ve bought into this, you’ve been sold a bill of goods.

But what’s more, the longer you buy into this line of thinking, the longer you will be perpetuating the very systems of inequity and injustice that you claim to stand against.

Because the WHOLE PREMISE of this way of thinking is that the ONLY thing that matters is YOUR freedom, YOUR impact, and YOUR income.

And if you look underneath all of the talk about “being the unquestionable expert” and “building a massive following” and “having a funnel” and “outsourcing overseas” and “delegating the low-value work so you can do the high-value work” …

You’ll discover that we’ve built an entire industry based on:

Disempowering team members (“hire a VA from overseas, they’re super cheap, and then tell them exactly what to do and how to do it!”)

Deceptive marketing practices (“you need a sexy name for your sales call so people will be more likely to sign up”),

Inequitable financial practices (“make sure you mark up your payment plans by at least 10–20%”),

Unethical upsell tactics (“sell them a low-ticket information-based first so you can ascend them to the mastermind where they’ll REALLY get the results”),

And client delivery systems that only work for the privileged (“3% course completion rate is industry standard, so as long as you’re above that, you’re good”).

This ^^ is what passes for “good business advice” in our ego-driven, patriarchal, hierarchical, privileged world of online marketing (and by extension, online business).

But not on our watch!

I’ve teamed up with Breanne Dyck of Visionary CEO Academy to bring you a one day intensive on April 30th called: CEO Focus Day: Scale Your Services Without Sacrificing Client Results or Adding More Hours To Your Work Week.

The good news is, once you’ve seen the problems with the “traditional” way of scaling, you can CHOOSE to do things differently.

But to do that, you must be willing to step outside of these paradigms, and instead, do the following:

You MUST be willing to build your business based on principles that MATTER..

Then, you must be willing to empower your TEAM to make decisions based on those values.

Further, you must be UNWILLING to sacrifice client results and team well-being for the sake of profit.

-Speaking of client results, you MUST put results first.

You must do ALL of these things at once.

If you WANT to actually run your business in a way that aligns with your proclaimed values for equity, diversity and justice…

  • You CANNOT continue to trade-off results for the sake of profit.
  • Or your team’s well-being for the sake of profit.
  • Or your team’s well-being for the sake of results.

And you also CANNOT sacrifice yourself, and your ability to be paid well, work decent hours, experience joy in your day-to-day, and have a business that changes YOUR life, too.

You MUST find a way to bring ALL of those things — profit, team, and results — into alignment with your values, and with each other. And then to KEEP all those things aligned as you scale.

Join us on April 30th to finally learn how to scale in a sustainable, equitable, and profitable way?

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M. Shannon Hernandez | Email Marketing Strategist

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