Growing Your Coaching and Consulting Business with SOUL

If you are looking for a different approach to growing your business in 2024, I’d like to propose this:

What if you grew your business based on HOW YOU WANTED TO FEEL each day, rather than goals, checklists, and progress?

I’m guessing that growing a business based on how you want to feel day in and day out probably feels pretty good….

But it may also feel unattainable.

And I totally get it — I’ve been asking myself this question for the past few years, and it caused me to do some deep thinking and exploration to find answers that not only were JOYFUL….

…but answers that would actually help me grow this business in a way that made me EXCITED to share it.

The result?

For the past three years, my business has earned the highest revenue to-date (last year hitting nearly 1 million dollars!) AND I’ve taken a lot of time off to do other things I love — like travel, pursue art classes, garden, build hiking trails, and cook new recipes.

Recharging is important!

Instead of focusing on goals, I flipped the script and focused on how I wanted to feel each day. It was life-changing.

One of the biggest things I learned throughout this transformation was that the energy of inspiration — and staying inspired — was available and present most days.

This is the energy that strong businesses are built upon!

I also learned that “hard work” doesn’t mean that you’ll reach your goals.

But neither does wishful thinking.

I had to create an approach AND an action plan that was perfectly balanced for my needs.

This plan included:

  1. How we wanted to feel each day, and
  2. Our need to trust that feeling and then take inspired, aligned action.

If you are looking for an approach to annual planning that is:

  • that taps into your DESIRED FEELINGS, and
  • one that allows you to REST in December… so you can come back to plan in January with fresh, new energy…

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M. Shannon Hernandez | Email Marketing Strategist

Fractional CMO | Business Growth Consultant | Email Marketing Strategist | Author & Keynote Speaker | Founder & Angel Investor