Gathering Around: The Role of Story and Community for Your Business Growth

Each week I draw a card from a beautiful deck called The Shaman’s Dream Oracle. I’ve done this for years–drawing a card to help guide my energy for the week, as well as deepen my relationship with my own intuition.

This year, I’ve been called to ALSO use my weekly card to guide my content creation for my Medium community–who I love. (That’s you!) ❤

Gathering Around Oracle Card

This card is all about the power of community and being in safe spaces and allowing help. Ummmpphhh…that last “allowing help”…gets me every time.

As someone who was raised to be an “independent woman” and was rewarded time and time again for NOT needing help–I’ve had a lot of undoing to do here. (Can you relate?)

It’s taken me years of business ownership to get to a place where I ALLOW for help. And not only ALLOW it, but am courageous enough to ASK for help.

But when I do both of these–the asking and allowing–my business grows each and every time. I still have to push through the discomfort of the ASK at times (hey I’m human after all!) but the REWARDS are greater than the SILENCE and the “I can do this alone” energy.

Gathering Around is about us deepening relationships as a community and LITERALLY gathering around each other in a physical space.

It’s about ASKING for help and creating space to RECEIVE from others. It’s about walking our JOURNEY with our colleagues and friends who…

Cheer for our successes.

Hold us in the hard times.

Celebrate our arrival.

Gathering Around is deeply rooted in the energy of being in a safe space with OTHERS who help you with your next step as you bring forth the soul goals from the depth of your heart — and allow them to come to life!

The energy of Gathering Around is why I am so committed this year to GATHER my community and help YOU achieve what you desire. You do not need to do this humaning and businessing alone!

This is your invitation to gather with me, as well as other members of our community for an upcoming in-person experience.

We currently have three to choose from. Which speaks to your soul?

Have questions about these events, or a thought or “heart-whisper” you’d like to share with me? You can always reach me!

I can’t wait to Gather Around with you.



M. Shannon Hernandez | Email Marketing Strategist

Fractional CMO | Business Growth Consultant | Email Marketing Strategist | Author & Keynote Speaker | Founder & Angel Investor