Feeling Anxiety About The New Year Energy? This can help.

Time in my artist studio to ease my anxiety.

My anxiety was through the roof yesterday. This seems to happen at this time every year in “prep for the new year”. So, I let that anxiety do some deep inner talking…and wrote this.

If this helps you please let me know. ❤

Do you know what you want MORE of.. and are you willing to let the rest go?

Some food for thought today:

You most likely built your coaching and consulting business for YOU.

You wanted something MORE for yourself.

What was your MORE, when you first got started?

More time off with your kids or to pursue your hobbies?

More money for retirement or to pay off debt or to travel?

More flexibility in your schedule?

More freedom to express who you are and lead from this place?

Whatever your reason was then, or is now (because we change as we grow), I want you to tap into that reason and take some time to reevaluate a few things:

Is your business giving you what you desire more of?

Is your business helping you become a better version of yourself?

Is your business a joy to co-create with every single day?

And remember this — your business was not built to mimic others, to do social media like other people, or to make the money other people talk about making.

Your business was not created to be a copy-cat of the people you admire.

You built your business for YOU!

This means you get to call the shots.

You get to make the amount of money you want to make, even if it is more or less than someone else.

You get to work the schedule you want to work, even if it is more or less than your business bestie.

You get to create a strategy for marketing and selling in a way that feeds your soul, regardless of how other people are doing things to grow their business.

This has been the hardest thing for me this year. I haven’t been in a place to talk about it too much, but now I am on the other side.

I’ve had quite the struggle and have had to do lots of mindset work as I actually made an active decision to DECREASE our revenue this year.

I’ve watched peer after peer hit milestone months in revenue and shout from the rooftops about their successes. Don’t get me wrong — I’m cheering right along with them — and happy for them!)

But here’s the thing: If I am not careful, I get wrapped up in the NOT HAVING what they have, instead of celebrating what I do have.

I have all the MOREs I want:

More time off

More time for my hobbies and passions.

More time for travel.

More love in my home.

More growth as a business CEO and leader.

More time with my family.

More joy in my body (more personal training, more massages, more acupuncture, more orgasms, more yoga, more chiropractic).

More aligned coaches and consultants in my community

All of this comes down to knowing what you want MORE of.. and being willing to let the rest go.

I’m not willing to celebrate revenue over true profit.

I’m not willing to overcrowd programs and dilute client results.

I’m not willing to grow my business out of alignment with my energy levels.

I’m not willing to crowd my daily schedule.

I’m not willing to work more than 16 days a month.

This brings up an interesting question of trade-offs, doesn’t it?

What are you NOT willing to do, so that you can have MORE of what you truly desire?

I am so grateful for a brief messenger convo I had with a fellow coach earlier this year. He said something to me that I have cycled back to many times.

He asked me if I had everything I wanted. And I said yes.

And then he replied: Keep doing what you are doing. You have achieved success many only dream of.

WHOOSH. Did you feel the power in that?

This is a reminder that we must not compare someone else’s business model, or their success, or how they grow their business to what we are doing.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Their MOREs are most likely very different from yours.

Figure out YOUR MOREs and get very clear on what you are not willing to compromise.

That is YOUR version of success. Did this resonate with you? Drop a comment and let me know! ❤

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