Email Marketing Success: You can’t argue with these stats!

I was walking on the beach last week with my mom, so grateful at being able to unplug from all things business for a few days and let my brain rest.

Me and mom in Orange Beach, AL

You see, I don’t need to rely on social media, affiliates, ads, or referrals for my business success and revenue. (And you don’t either.)

If you are not aware of the statistics and data about the success of email marketing, consider this:

⇒ An engaged email list produces $36 for every $1 invested vs. the piddly $0.02 you get back from social media (According to Litmus)

⇒ 50% of people buy from marketing emails at least once per month and 59% say email influences their purchasing decision (According to Sale Cycle)

⇒ Email is 40 times more effective at generating actual sales than social media (According to Campaign Monitor)

These numbers can’t be argued with.

Do you see why I am so committed to helping you deepen relationships and double your revenue through the power of email marketing?

Because you are a smart and successful business owner, chances are you already know that deepening relationships with your email list will result in increased sales and revenue.

Our Joyful Framework for Email Marketing That Works!

So, let’s gather to ensure your email marketing is highly effective in my upcoming workshop: Joyful Email Marketing: Crafting a Monthly Email Marketing Strategy That Deepens Relationships and Doubles Your Revenue.

Email Marketing Podcast Content

I also want to share with you some of our best content about email marketing from our podcast. Our Emailing Marketing series can be found here on YouTube.

My focus is ALWAYS to help you develop an email marketing strategy that becomes a 2-way communication tool with your community and builds that know, like, and trust factor. This is when sales happen!

Grow Your Business For Good Show

Once again, here is a direct link to the playlist. Dive in and have fun!

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👉 [S5; Ep4] Should You Start an Email Newsletter?

👉 [S5; Ep5] The One Email Sequence Every Online Business Needs

👉 [S5; Ep6] Choosing the Right Lead Magnet for Your Ideal Customer Journey

👉 [S5; Ep7] Email List Building That Works For Your Personality

👉 [S5; Ep8] Using Quizzes To Generate Quality Leads

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Go Behind the Scenes with Us

I’ve been getting quite a few questions about my podcast content creation process. If you have ever wanted to go behind the scenes with us and see how we create our podcast content, we’re inviting you to join us as a live studio audience. If you register for a spot — we ask that you honor our time (and yours). Space is limited–we record again on March 26th.

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